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Together We Can

Livingston and Park County have a long, proud and shared history. People here believe in community. They believe in each other. But those beliefs are challenged by the realities of an aging population, a seasonally-driven economy, limited options for young people outside of school-based activities, and a loss of opportunities for neighbors to connect with one another. Each is a threat to the sense of community that Livingston is built upon. That, in turn, is a threat to Livingston as a whole.

The City of Livingston’s recreation department is working to counteract those effects. Through countless fitness programs, sports leagues, athletic opportunities, arts and crafts classes, and interest-based courses, the programs it offers creates the experiences needed to improve health, develop skills, and make connections that enhance families, build friendships, and foster the community as a whole. But the facilities in which those programs are offered are a threat to those programs themselves.

This isn’t a question of “if,” it is a matter of “when”; because when the pool fails and when the gymnasium is inoperative, programs will be cut with little chance of revival.

So instead of asking “when,” it is time to ask “how.” How will we preserve the City-provided learning and recreation programs so many rely upon? How will we ensure kids have a safe place to learn about teamwork, self-discipline, and hard work? How will we help seniors stay active and connected? How will we protect and provide for the health of this community?

We will do it together. We will do it by building the 4 Ranges Wellness Center, a place where community is built, nurtured, and preserved for generations to come.

4 Ranges Foundation

To execute the campaign, a new nonprofit foundation has been created, the 4 Ranges Foundation.

4 Range Foundation Board Members

Andrew Field, Chairman
Dan Vermillion, Treasurer
Maggie Tarr, Secretary

Dr. Scott Coleman
Doug Braham
Robin Ogata
Caroline Rehder
Bruce Lay

Campaign Committee

Sally Epps

Laurie Bishop

Tracy Raich

The Campaign for 4 Range Wellness Center

Chase Rose, Campaign Manager at
406-580-4328 or

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