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Why this need?

The recreation department has increased its regular programming from 2015 to 2023 by over 450%.


Built in 1958, the pool is no longer operationally sound. In spite of regular maintenance and repairs, its condition has threatened the cancellation of the entire 10-week swim season more than once. It is unlikely the pool will be functional for two more seasons. Repair is simply not an option. Absent a complete replacement, the city will no longer be able to offer swimming lessons, family swim nights, or any aquatics programs – all of which are immensely popular.


Similar concerns plague the civic center. Built in 1938, the building was recommended for demolition in 1978. Yet still, 40 years past its recommended end-life, the building is the administrative home for the city’s recreation department and thousands of programming hours of roller skating, children’s dance classes, after school programs, summer and winter activity camps, community dances and social events, and all the games for dozens of athletic teams and leagues including indoor soccer, volleyball, youth and adult basketball, and pickleball.


Beyond these two facilities, the city’s options are limited. Without significant investment in new and expanded recreation facilities, the city will be forced to reduce or eliminate programs, limit participation, and ignore increasing demand for expanded programs and options for more recreation, skill development, and personal well-being. This is an untenable choice given that participation has been growing, demand for new programs is increasing, and people are looking for more ways to connect as friends, families, and neighbors.

Environmental and Safety Concerns:

For over half a century, the Civic Center has operated with a septic system and drain field 20-yards from and pointed at the Yellowstone River. 4 Ranges and the City of Livingston secured a grant to connect the septic to City utilities so this threat no longer exists next to the river.


The Pool is leaking tens of thousands of gallons of chlorinated water over the period of just a few days. This water is not only protruding into the groundwater, but it is highly likely it also makes it ways into the Yellowstone. Moreover, the lack of full functionality of the pool costs the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars monthly during operations.


The Civic Center no longer meets current building standards. With environmental factors like high winds, earthquakes and more, the aging facility may pose a risk.

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