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4 Ranges
Wellness Center

Livingston, Montana
Special Election is March 19th!

On March 19th there will be a special election to vote on creating a special district to help fund ongoing operations of the 4 Ranges Wellness Center.


  • Ballots will be mailed at the end of February.

  • All voting is by mail in ballot.

  • Will fund operations in the new facility.

  • Membership will be free to all City residents, renters or homeowners.

  • Per household tax implications with the median home price is $12.67/month.

4 Ranges Wellness Center

Nestled on the banks of the Yellowstone River and cradled between three mountain ranges, Livingston, Montana is an idyllic Western town. Founded in 1882 by the Northern Pacific Railroad, Livingston now has 7,000 residents and a steady local economy which are closely connected to the many outdoor recreational opportunities Livingston’s location provides.


With railroad roots and a cowboy vibe, Livingston is the county seat for Park County and blends its history, location, and aspirations to create a unique sense of community that extends to the 550+ residents of nearby Clyde Park and Wilsall, the whole of Paradise Valley and our friends and in Gardiner. The sense of togetherness connects neighbors to neighbors, the young to old, and the “born and raised” to the “just arrived.”


But even with its many positives, Livingston and Park County have challenges. An aging population, higher-than average suicide rates, and teen idleness are made worse by an overall lack of quality public spaces that support year-round programs so people can be active, gain skills, connect with friends, strengthen families, bridge generations, and build community.


The City of Livingston has long been committed to providing programs that do just that. But its ability to do so is undermined by insufficient space in outdated facilities that are well-beyond their usefulness. While the facilities still function, they are undersized, costly to maintain, and are well beyond long-term repair. This means the City of Livingston Recreation Department must have contingency plans ready for when the pool, gyms, or entire buildings are unusable. Already those contingencies have become reality more than once.


Without significant investment in new recreation facilities, the City’s only option will be to limit enrollment programs or cancel them all together. Both are an untenable options given that participation has been growing, demand for new programs is increasing, and people are looking for more ways to connect as friends, families, and neighbors and to build community, together.


The way to do that is clear. Together we will strengthen and preserve community by building the 4 Ranges Wellness Center—a full scale recreational facility and swim center with amenities for all ages and enough space to expand program offerings. In doing so, we’ll create an accessible space for children and teens, families and friends, singles and seniors, residents and visitors to gather and connect while getting and staying active all year round.


The Campaign for the 4 Ranges Wellness Center provides an opportunity for the community-minded to invest in the people Livingston and Park County—their health, their community, their economy, and their future. Now is the time to act. Now is the time to come together to ensure recreational programming for all, for next season and beyond.

The Problem

Residents of Livingston and Park County live in a frozen environment more than half the year. Absent adequate facilities for year-round recreation, mental and physical health suffer.

In Livingston, the City manages two recreational assets - both of which are decrepit.

The Pool (built in 1958) is beyond its usable life and needs to be brought offline in the next 1-2 years.

The Civic Center (built in 1938) was recommended for demotion in 1978. It offers an indoor gym.

The suicide rate in Park County has grown 36% in the past 10 years.

Data suggests that teens who don’t participate in recreation activities are 27% more likely to be arrested, 49% more likely to use drugs and 3X more likely to skip class.

Since 2015, public demand for recreation facilities has increased dramatically, heightening the problem.

In a county where the river runs through it (literally), teaching young people how to swim can be a matter of life and death.

The Opportunity

A new Wellness Center will serve Park County for the next half-century, promoting mental and physical well-being among residents of Livingston and the region.

The Wellness Center relies on a public-private partnership, with private funding covering the cost of construction and the residents of Livingston approving a new tax that will generate annual operating funds.


84% of Park County residents support a modest tax increase for operational funds to support the proposed facility.

The City expects that the operations of the Wellness Center will be largely supported by assessments on property tax from the District, if created by voters in March 2024. In addition, the Wellness Center will receive revenue from both users outside of the district as well as facility rentals and programming. Finally, the Foundation has agreed to raise a $5 million endowment to further support operations.


The Foundation is committed to raising money after construction ensuring the facility is fully accessible to all regardless of their ability to pay.

We are confident we can accomplish that goal, while ensuring memberships are some of the most affordable anywhere in Montana.

The Solution

The 4 Ranges Wellness Center will be the central hub for city-sponsored recreation programs, skills and personal development courses, and fitness options. With both indoor and outdoor facilities, the complex will be the year-round site for hundreds of these programs plus full-scale fitness facilities, pools and gymnasiums, classroom and meeting rooms, and community event spaces.

Overall, the cost of the project is estimated at $25.5 million. Already, two extraordinary leadership gifts
(the largest in the history of Park County) have been secured along with tremendous generosity from our board members:

Arthur M. Blank - $10 million
The Kendeda Fund - $5 million
Other Gifts - $3+ million


This leaves approximately $7.5 million to be raised from community-oriented, generous individuals, businesses, and organizations who are committed to the belief that healthier people build and sustain
healthier communities. Moreover, the location of the center is eligible for New Market Tax Credits. If awarded, this would produce funding for an additional $4.5M for the full project.

This is the Campaign for the 4 Ranges Wellness Center. Envisioned as a comprehensive community
recreation complex of nearly 50,000 sq. ft., the center will incorporate all that is critical to the community – a recreational pool and separate lap pool, double-width gymnasium, an elevated running track, studio space and classrooms, along with the necessary supporting amenities such as locker rooms, offices, and a large community room. This is the new heart of this community, where people of all ages are busy playing, learning, growing, exploring, and connecting. It is where community is built.

Aquatic Center Brochure.jpg

The Benefits

Building the 4 Ranges Wellness Center offers unparalleled positive impacts on individuals of all ages, on the economy, and on the community as a whole. These will be felt both immediately and over the long-term.

At the outset, the City’s recreation and skills programs will be preserved, saving dozens of sports programs,
fitness clubs, skills development, and personal growth courses. It ensures kids have a place to go after
school and for day camps and summer camps. And it ensures that more people will reap the rewards of
getting and staying active year-round.

In addition, even broader benefits are anticipated for all, including those who never set foot in the complex
itself. This is because the 4 Ranges Wellness Center will:

4 Ranges Benefits Icons-01.png

Develop Healthier

4 Ranges Benefits Icons-02.png

Strengthen Families

4 Ranges Benefits Icons-06.png

Promote Healthy Aging

4 Ranges Benefits Icons-04.png

Improve the Economy

4 Ranges Benefits Icons-05.png

Improve Mental &
Behavioral Health
for All

4 Ranges Benefits Icons-03.png

Foster Community-Wide
Safety & Pride


For more information, please contact
Chase Rose, Campaign Manager


Thanks for submitting!

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